Sivu / 24

Fresh air and clean nature

The northern part of Finland is one of the most exotic and safest travel destinations in the world. The arctic nature and the various activities of the area offer memorable experiences and fantastic possibilities around the year. The sky full of stars descending into the horizon and the blue moment of the winter evening are enchanting. Here you can breathe fresh air and enjoy delicious food coming from the clean nature. The white snow, the northern lights burning in the sky and the complete silence encompassing everything are all things which you need to experience at least once in your life.

We welcome you to come and visit the Saukkolampi village experience.

Cover photo: Vastavalo/Marko Junttila
Photo on The nature near you -page: Kuusamo Hirsitalot/Studio Hans Koistinen
Photo on A world of untamed flavours -cover: Soili Jussila/Vastavalo
Photo on the back cover: Hannes Becker

The idea of Saukkolampi Village

  • High standards
  • By the pond
  • Hotel Saukkolampi
  • Cafe, restaurant, services, indoor activities, saunas
  • 30-50 suites in hotel
  • 30-50 Villas
  • Natural outdoor activities
  • Tailor made…

Surrounded by experiences and services

  • Kiutaköngäs waterfalls
  • Oulanka river
  • Fishing and canoe tours
  • Susi-Pekka Farm tours
  • Kuusamo Holiday Club SPA
  • Angry Birds activity park
  • Kuusamo town
  • Russian border line
  • Ruka mountain winter activities
  • Kuusamo airport is 20 kilometers away
  • Etc.

Relax and enjoy yourself under the stars

The nature near you

Scandinavian, authentic design under the northern sky

Feel the nature around you in the authentic materials. The warmth of wood and the eternal pure forms of stone create the basis for your pleasant stay. Enjoy the unique view to the surrounding nature and the small lake. The large windows let in the light and bring the beauty of the year´s seasons into the rooms.

The architectural space and stylish interior decoration create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The glow of the fireplace warms up all senses. Enjoy the blue moment of the evening and the starry sky in front of your eyes. Watch and experience the magically dancing polar lights on clear and dark nights. Let the magic lights enchant you with their beauty.